January 13, 1904: Where Brooks Went


OV Hurt's HouseCorvallis Times 1/13/1904 p2

Where Brooks Went

Returned to the Beach House After He Was Tarred and Feathered.


It has been definitely ascertained that Brooks, the Holy Roller apostle, did not continue his flight to the northward the night he and Creffield were tarred and feathered. Instead, he returned with Creffield to the beach house, and there, with the linseed oil, secured by Frank Hurt at the drug store, removed his new coat. Here, however, definite information as to his movement’s end. That took place after midnight, and it is supposed he left the place afoot early in the morning, or that he traveled all or part way to Albany with the wedding party.

Save for his fanaticism, Brooks is a good man. He did not rely wholly upon Divine Providence for support, but was willing to work. All the bills he contracted, he paid, and it is entirely probably that he was sincere in his pretensions. His wild hallucinations and fanaticism, however, spurred on by the influence of Creffield, was Brooks worst enemy.



Oregon Daily Journal (Portland) 1/13/1904 p10

Brooks and His Feathers


That Apostle Brooks got rid of his coat of tar and feathers a short time after they were applied, is at least ascertained. It is stated on unquestionable authority that Brooks returned to the Beach house by a circuitous route that night and applied the usual methods for ridding himself of his unwelcome coat. That he left the place with Creffield, and that he went away with his brother apostle, seems almost certain to those who are partially informed.


Albany Democrat 1/15/1904 p1

Brownsville just escaped. A rumor struck the town that the Holy Rollers were in the city, but it was quickly searched to the ends of the city, and found to be a mistake.



Albany Democrat 1/15/1904 p4

If those Holy Rollers should continue in Linn County, there will be an opportunity for the militia boys to distinguish themselves.



Albany Democrat 1/15/1904 p4

Saturday Night Thoughts


During the week Albany was somewhat interested in a tar and feather case on account of the party, of which one who had been in contact with the tar, came to Albany and were married, adding to the interest in the affair. Corvallis no doubt had much to aggravate it and incite the act. Her fair name had been besmirched with ridicule on account of the Holy Rollers, and yet the mode of settling it in the long run can hardly cure the disease. The law ought to be allowed to take its course in all things, and yet no one has any sympathy for the Rollers.



Albany Democrat 1/15/1904 p3

The Holy Rollers


Have at last been located and it seems to be Linn County’s misfortune to be the recipient of the band. They are now camped near Lebanon. Brooks, one of the men tarred and feathered had the temerity to go into Lebanon to see a friend and gave their location away. Shall the militia be called out?



Corvallis Gazette Fri 1/15/1904 p3

A prominent Corvallis business man who has been recently on his travels at first innocently enough registered from his home town. So many signs of interest occurred in connection with the Holy Roller matters that after awhile the citizen of the beautiful town with the Latin name forbore to admit even that he was from Oregon. A trifling foolish matter takes the wings of the thistle down and flies to all quarters.--Albany Herald



Brownsville Times 1/15/1904 p1

The Holy Rollers have been called a new religious sect. As a matter of fact, though, they are part of a national organization, the Holy Rollers part being a local appellation. The organization has two books in the field which can be purchased for $1 and $2. Considerable of the doings of the Corvallis branch has nothing to do with the work of the regular organization.--Albany Democrat



Corvallis Gazette 1/15/1904 p3

While administering of a coat of tar and feathers to the Corvallis “Holy Rollers” seemed a very harsh treatment, it would be difficult to conceive a more appropriate punishment for the persistent indulgence of their idiotic and disgusting antics in the name of religion. There is a limit to what a community can endure of this sort of thing, and as the Statesman said some weeks ago while discussing the extravagant fanaticism of the unbalanced “apostles,” the public should take them in charge and permanently suppress their exhibitions. There are a thousand men and women in the Asylum here today who have never at any time shown the same symptoms of irrecoverable idiocy as the spectacular “Holy Rollers.” Their insane doings have been a travesty on religion and a burlesque on common sense.--Salem Statesman

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