November 27, 1903: The Lord May Starve Them


Holy RollersOregon Daily Journal (Portland) 11/27/1903 p3

The Lord May Starve Them


Those informed with regard to the “Holy Roller” movements in South Corvallis today affirm that there is no doubt, but what the leading apostles, Creffield and Brooks, have taken their departure. This is a bit of news that all Corvallis rejoices to hear.


B. E. Starr of Portland, an employee of the Standard Oil company, and a brother-in-law of O. V. Hurt of this city, has been, it is said, the power behind the throne that has put an end to the noisy demonstrations at the Hurt home and that induced Mr. Hurt to eject the “saintly” brethren.


Mr. Starr and family have been in Corvallis several days, presumably in an effort to straighten out the “Holy Roller” tangles and quiet the comment that has been occasioned by the unusual character of the devotional meetings heretofore held at the Hurt house.


When questioned as to what they would do for a livelihood, the “Rollers” declare that “the lord will provide,” and as there seems to be a disposition on their part to allow the Almighty to do all the providing, it is believed they will starve out.

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