Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult

by T. McCracken and Robert B. Blodgett


George Mitchell***

Ev’ry deed you have committed will appear before the throne,
All your inner, hidden secrets then shall certainly be known;
All the courts of heav’n assembled, what a gathering that will be!
If you are not saved and ready, what a dreadful day for thee.

From the Reverend Knapp’s Bible Songs of Salvation and Victory


The report of Esther’s suicide proved to be the reporting of a rumor. But at about that same time the Widow Creffield actually did report something almost as astonishing—she was having doubts about her husband’s teachings. Not only that, she was also willing to speak to reporters about this.


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Chapter 28: Insanity

George Mitchell

Esther Mitchell

Esther Mitchell

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