Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult

by T. McCracken and Robert B. Blodgett

Baby Martha HurtCHAPTER SIX
Community Concerns


I tore it down and threw it out and the blessing came;
But e’er I got the victory and felt the holy flame.
Beelzebub came rushing up and said with awful roar,
“You cannot live without a shelf right here behind the door.”

From the Reverend Knapp’s Bible Songs of Salvation and Victory


The Hurts were such a loving family, that when O. V. and Sarah realized that their children were soon going to be leaving home to embark on lives of their own, they adopted more—Roy Robinett, fourteen, and Martha, a baby. Now with the rumor of Martha’s demise, Sheriff M. P. Burnett finally had some legal reason to intervene in the doings at the Hurts’ house—human sacrifice stretched the limits of the right to freedom of religion.


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Chapter 7: Talk of Tar & Feathers for Creffield
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