Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult

by T. McCracken and Robert B. Blodgett

Tar and Feathers


Will our lamps be filled and ready, When the Bridegroom comes?
And our lights be clear and steady, When the Bridegroom comes?
In the night, That solemn night (that solemn night),
Will our lamps be burning bright, When the Bridegroom comes?
O be ready!O be ready!O be ready when the Bridegroom comes!

From the Reverend Knapp’s Bible Songs of Salvation and Victory


While Brooks was stoical, Creffield is said to have “trembled like an aspen.” Once stripped, someone claimed he used a yardstick to, “See how big this stallion is.” The rumored measurement: thirteen inches.


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Chapter 9: The Holy Rollers are Committed to the Insane Asylum

Holy Rollers Photo Spread

Donna Mitchell

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