Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements from 1893 to 1913


1905 pnematic bust advertisement

I don’t remember where I clipped this 1905 advertisement for H & H (Henderson & Henderson) Pneumatic Bust Forms, but I’ve always loved it, especially the part towards the end that reads, “For bathers at the sea-shore they are indispensable …acts as a buoy to the bather and makes swimming easier.” Today it would probably add, “For frequent fliers, they are indispensable as they are flotation devices.”


I always wanted to post it somewhere on this web site, but couldn’t think of a reason to do so. The Holy Rollers wouldn’t have worn such an item, would in fact probably have viewed doing so as sinful.


When I uploaded an Oldmobile Ad to place next to an amusing article about a newspaperman's first experience in an automobile, I had an "ah ha" moment. Why not intersperce other period ads inbetween the hundreds of articles I've posted that deal with the Holy Rollers.



1899 corset advertisement

1898 trusses advertisement

1894 Bathrobe Wrap advertisement

1899 Ingersol Watch advertisement

1898 Montgomery Ward Furniture advertisement1898 Montgomery Ward sewing Machine advertisement

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