Creffield and the Holy Rollers made page one headlines from 1903 to 1907. When I was researching Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon’s Love Cult I spent months transcribing hundreds of articles. I’m not sure why I was so obsessive. Maybe it was my way of immersing my self into a cult without joining one. Anyway, I’m posting them all for those who are really interested in the story, or are interested the history of journalism, or are interested in how a scandalous story played out in the "media" in a by gone era. Since I no doubt made typos and unconsciously corrected papers' typos, these web pages should not be cited in anything serious (e.g. your dissertation). For such projects they should only be used as starting points and you should refer to the original sources. If you want a shorter version of the story, buy my book. Enjoy.

1901: Local Lore, News Of Corvallis and Vicinity Told in Brief B. C. (Before Creffield)

Most of these earliest articles are from the Corvallis Gazette and Corvallis Times, the latter of which had a regular feature titled, Local Lore, News Of Corvallis and Vicinity Told in Brief, The comings and Goings of People, Social Gossip, Personal Mention and Other Items of Public Interest. While not as juicy as the later stuff (the sex scandals, the mass insanity, the murders, etc.) they do give one a glimpse into what life in Oregon was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

1899 turkish bath advertisementCorvallis Times 1/23/1901 p3

O V Hurt went to Salem Monday.


Corvallis Times 1/30/01 p3

At the Salvation Army Hall next Saturday evening the children provide the entertainment. Refreshments will be served at the close. Admission free. A grand rally of the army forces is also announced for Tuesday night. The hall is in charge of officers recently from the East, and they seem disposed to make considerable stir.


Corvallis Times 2/6/1901 p3

O V Hurt has accepted a position as salesman in the store of S L Kline.


Corvallis Times 2/13/01 p3

Clarence Starr has accepted a position as salesman in the Berman grocery store, and began his duties Monday morning.


Corvallis Gazette 2/15/1901

Salvation Army News


Captain Haleton, who has labored in the Salvation Army in Corvallis for some time past, will preach his farewell sermon in this city next Sunday. Numerous conversions have been made as a result of his efforts here, but home duties call him away at this time.


Tomorrow night a swearing in of soldiers will occur at the army hall to which all are invited.


General Willaim BoothCorvallis Gazette 3/6/1901 p3

The Salvation Army


General Booth sailed from America last Wednesday, after five months spent in this country in the interest of the Salvation Army. A special number of the War Cry is to be issued in commemoration of his visit here.


The front page will consist of a central picture of Gen. Booth, surrounded by twelve or thirteen of the nation’s most prominent men. These will include President Roosevelt, the governors of Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, Utah, and Massachusetts, and United States senators and mayors of leading cities.

We hope the people of Corvallis and surrounding county will be interest in this special issue dated March 7th.

Yours Fraternally,

C. E. Brooks



Corvallis Times 3/30/1901 p1

Mrs. Starr, mother of Mrs. Victor Hurt, was stricken with paralysis Wednesday, but at last accounts was much improved.


Corvallis Times 4/24//1901 p3

O V Hurt went to Salem Monday.


1898 Cleveland Bicycle advertisementCorvallis Gazette 4/26/1901 p3

J. D. and J. K. Berry will open a bicycle repair shop about the 15th of next month in the building formerly occupied by the Variety Store. A fine outfit of new tools has been sent for and when in place will make a well-equipped shop. The new proprietors have had ample experience in this line of work. They will also deal in second hand bikes.


Corvallis Gazette Fri 5/3/1901 p3

There is to be a stereopticon entertainment at the Salvation Army hall next Tuesday evening. Views of the Galveston horror will be shown with explanatory notes by Chief Divisional Officer J. W. Cousins; also illustrated songs by Adjt. Smith of Portland. Major Harris will conduct services tomorrow and Sunday at the usual hours.


Corvallis Times 5/15/1901 p3

A new bicycle repair shop is to be opened in town. James Berry is to be proprietor and the shop is to be three doors south of the store of J H Harris.


Corvallis Times 5/18/1901 p3

Among the Portland-bound passengers yesterday morning was Mrs. Hurt and daughter, Miss Maud.


Corvallis Times 5/18/1901 p3

A telegram to O V Hurt announces the death yesterday morning at Oakland City, Indiana, of his father J J Hurt. The deceased was aged 71 years and one day, having celebrated the anniversary of his birth the day before his death. He had been nearly all his life a resident of the state of Indiana, having been born in Kentucky just across the river from the Indiana border. He was visited by Mr. Hurt two years ago.


1899 cigar advertisementCorvallis Times 5/29/1901 p3

It was not a cyclone or a cattle stampede, though not many of the symptoms were lacking. It happened in Kline’s store Saturday evening. The employees were boxing eggs for shipment. Victor Hurt stooped over an egg case and rummaged in the bottom, when a big rat ran up his arm on his shoulder, brandishing his tail in his face. Hurt, convinced that it was the panther reported at large west of town, fell over him self in terror and set upon a commotion that brought all employees to the scene. Armed with brooms, pocket shears and bars of soap the boys began a chase that finally ended with the death of the rat just outside the front door. The only hurt sustained in the incident was by Hurt, whose nerves were so hurt that he still sees rats in every old box about the store.


Corvallis Times 6/12/1901 p3

L Hartley and family are to leave this morning for Wildwood to engage in mining for the next three months in the Bohemia district.


Corvallis Times 6/17/01 p3

The Salvation Army has a new commander at Corvallis. He is Captain Weber who, with his wife, arrived from California and assumed command yesterday.


Corvallis Gazette 7/19/1901 p3

O.V. Hurt has rented the farm of Mrs. Agnes Thompson as short distance south of town. He expects to move his family onto the place some time in October.


Corvallis Times 9/4/1901 p2

Those Who Graduated


  ... Under the regular work of state course for the past year a large number of Benton county pupils enjoyed its beneficial results. No less than 130 pupils took the examination for eighth grade graduation diplomas. Of this number, 60 successfully passed the examination. R V Williamson of Wells School made the highest general average, which was 97 per cent. The other successful applicants were ... May Hurt ...


Corvallis Times 9/11/1901 p3

The Salvation Army is preparing for its annual Harvest festival to be held from Saturday, September 21st to Tuesday the 24th inclusive. Gifts of any articles of salable character will be thankfully received at the local barracks.


1899 kola plant  advertisementCorvallis Times 9/14/1901 p3

Dead Soldier

He Served in the Philippines--John Berry--

His Burial at Fossil, Oregon


John Berry of Corvallis died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Prindle at Fossil at four o’clock Sunday morning. He went there three weeks ago, and on Friday of last week wired his relatives in this city to come. His mother and his brother James left at once, and in Portland received news that John was better. They proceeded on their journey, however, but arrived at Fossil Sunday evening to find that son and brother was no more. The internment was at Fossil on Monday.


There was no embalmer at Fossil and it was not deemed best to attempt to transport the body to Corvallis. James Berry is expected to arrive home tomorrow. Mrs. Berry will remain at Fossil for a time to visit with her daughter.


The deceased was a member of the 2nd Oregon, and was in all of the campaigns of the regiment in the Philippines. He was in the same company with a number of the Corvallis boys. He returned from the islands more or less broken in health. For a time he engaged in the truck business in Corvallis but had to retire from it on account of his health. In recent weeks he failed rapidly under the ravages of consumption, which caused his death.


Mr. Berry was about 25 years of age. He was a native of Minnesota, but had resided from early boyhood in Benton county and Corvallis. His father was a United Brethren minister in Philomath and died many years ago.


Corvallis Times 9/21/1901 p2

Lewis Hartley and family returned to Corvallis Wednesday from the Bohemia mines where Mr. H. has interests in a number of claims, and where the family spent the school vacation. A son and daughter of the family enter the college sophomore year. Mr. Hartley returns in a few days to the mines.


Corvallis Times 9/28/1901 p3

Warren B. Hartley has returned to Corvallis to enter OAC. He has been in the Bohemia mining district during the summer, assisting his father in the development of an excellent mining claim. The young man is in the mining course at the college and gets practice along with theory.


1903 thresher advertisementCorvallis Times 9/28/1901 p3

O V Hurt and family are moving to the Thompson farm south of Corvallis where they are to reside the coming year.


Corvallis Gazette 10/4/1901 p3

Warren B. Hartley, not having accomplished his reinstatement at the OAC, to the disappointment of many friends, left Wednesday for his home in Bohemia, Lane county.


Corvallis Times 10/26/1901 p3

A swift journey on a bicycle was made Saturday by Frank Hurt. He went from Corvallis to Oregon City in six hours. It is not likely that the trip was ever made by wheel in so short a time. He rode a Cleveland. It ought to be added that he had a sharp south wind at his back most of the way.


Corvallis Gazette 10/29/1901 p3

Meeting Schedule


Daily at 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday and Friday, 3 p.m.

Saturday at 2:30 p.m.


Circle meetings at 8:30 a.m. as follows:

Mrs. J. D. Mann’s

Mrs. M. Swich’s

Mrs. Campbell’s

Mrs. Herbert’s

Mrs. Hartley’s

At the church

General gathering at the church at 9:30 a.m.

A meeting for women only at 3 p.m. Admission by ticket.


Corvallis Gazette 11/1/1901 p3

O. V. Hurt returned home Tuesday from Portland where he had been a few days visiting his son Frank. Frank is employed as a checking clerk at Ainsworth dock for the O. R. & N. Co. He has a pretty good situation. Mr. Hurt says times are pretty lively in Portland and any laboring man can secure employment if he really cares to and a good wages.


Corvallis Gazette 11/1/01 p3

Fast Traveling


Clarence Starr returned home Tuesday from Seaside, Oregon where he had been employed for several months in a sawmill. He relates an amusing story at the expense of the little pumpkin vine railroad that runs from Warrenton to Seaside. While en route home, traveling over this line, the train slowed down, that is, it went slower than usual and the whistle was repeatedly blown in vain efforts to “shoo” a cow off the track. It seem impossible to make he give the right of way and a wearied passenger finally agreed to give her a start, which he did. She seemed quite alarmed at the demonstrations of the passenger and, throwing her tail to the breeze, continued her way on down the track at her liveliest gait. The passenger climbed back onto the “whole train” and the engine was turned loose to make up for the time lost. After about half an hour’s run the train again slowed down and the shrill whistle resounded along the coast. The passenger inquired what was the matter now. He was answered by the conductor who stated that they had caught up with the cow.


1899 electric hairbrush  advertisementCorvallis Times 11/2/1901 p3

O. V. Hurt returned Wednesday from a business trip to Portland.



Corvallis Times 11/2719/01 p3

Corvallis Men

They Are Operating in Mining Properties--Something About Them


One who knows says that Louis Hartley, of Corvallis, has a mighty good thing in the Bohemia mines. His operations there, this party says, promise to make him independent so far as dollars and cents are concerned. In the newspaper clipping bellow, taken from the Bohemia Nugget, something is said about mining, which Mr. Hartley is interested.


‘Louis Hartley was in town this week from Bohemia. He and friends have secured ownership to the claim known as the Hole in the Ground adjoining the six properties they now own. This acquisition will round out their holdings on Bohemia Creek. The parties mostly interested in this group of claims are businessmen of Corvallis. Trails have been built, cabins constructed and everything has been or will be put in shape for energetic and continuous work when spring opens.


‘This group of mines joins the group recently sold and transferred to P.J. Jennings by Hartley and Hughes. The new transfer shows that properties in that locality are on the move, and with new blood and money that section will before long, come well to the front.


Corvallis Gazette 12/3/1901 p3

Frank Hurt is reported to be doing exceedingly well in his position as shipping clerk at Ainsworth dock, Portland. A few days ago he checked a China steamer in and out. This is quite an undertaking and requires considerable knowledge and great accuracy. He is well spoken of by his employers.


1899 morphine advertisementCorvallis Times 12/11/1901 p3

Lewis Hartley arrived home from the Bohemia mines Sunday morning. He will spend a few days with his family before returning to his work. Mr. Hartley reports Bohemia as booming. A new telephone line has been constructed from Cottage Grove to the mines which shows the interest manifested in that part. Properties for sale are steadily advancing in prices.


Corvallis Times 12/14/1901 p3

Mrs. O V Hurt and Mrs. Starr arrived Thursday from a weeks visit to Portland. Mrs. Hurt was accompanied by her son Frank, who is employed with O R & N Company at Portland. He is to return to Portland tomorrow.

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