Ya'Xaik Trail & Gerdemann Botanic Preserve

Diversity Drive, Yachats, OR 97498

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The Ya'Xiak Trail

Ya'Xaik is the only recorded name of a Native American village in the Yachats area.

The Ya'Xiak Trail begins at the top of the parking lot of Fisterra Townhomes on Diversity Drive, climbs through 2nd growth forest, and connects to a path through the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve, which ends at the GreenHouse MarketPlace Galleries complex.

You can access the trail from the oceanfront 804 Trail by going east (inland) once you reach the Overleaf Lodge.

Dogs are allowed on the Ya'Xiak Trail, but not on the path in the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve.

On the trail and in the preserve you can see a lush forest, native species such as rhododendrons, exotic species such as the massive gunnera plant, and stumps with springboard notches from when the area was clear cut in the pre-chainsaw days.

Achieving Jim and Janice Gerdemann's dream of having a public trail to their garden took over twenty years, the cooperation of multiple landowners and the Siuslaw National Forest giving easements on their land, nonprofits and the City of Yachats addressing liability issues, and lots and lots of volunteer hours.

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