Yachats Trading Post, Beulah's, and The Landmark

111 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

All that’s left of the Yachats landmark once known as Beulah’s is the foundation.

Before Beulah’s the site was home to the Yachats Trading Post, and before that, in 1911, a cook-house.

In 1934, soon after Highway 101 was completed, Beulah Swigert moved from Portland and opened on the site Beulah's Sea View Inn, a six-table restaurant with a coffee bar.

Beulah was beautiful, had hair almost as red as the outside of her restaurant, and was much beloved, especially by children. She gave burgers and shakes to every kid in town at Christmas and at school year's end.

She never married but was engaged once. Alas, her fiancé, died before their wedding.

Yachats old-timers still talk about her bran muffins with tomato preserves, and chicken and dumplings. And the car crash.

On a Saturday night in 1957, a car missed the curve in the road, drove through the front of the restaurant, narrowly missed the fireplace, and drove out the back. The driver and his passengers walked away unharmed. Beulah, whose bedroom was below, slept through the whole thing.

Beulah died two years later.

In 1968 the Zimmerman brothers, Richard Heath and Larry, bought the restaurant. They also bought the car parts store next door and added the "On The Rocks Lounge." In the 1970s and 80s, they had live music with well-known bands such as The Ink Spots, The Coasters, and The Drifters.

They also occasionally had drag shows. This displeased some, and the displeased showed their displeasure by sometimes roughing up the performers and gay guests.

In 1989 Beulah's was purchased by absentee owners who renamed the restaurant many considered to be a landmark, The Landmark. The recession hit, and eventually, it became a dive bar. It still had live music, but the musicians were usually one-man acts playing someone else's songs.

In 2002 Bruce Olson and Marilyn Ciafone, two New York journalists, bought the place. Marilyn, whose Italian dishes were praised, regaled people with stories of her journalist days, including covering the John Gotti trials.

Posters from 1970s and 80s concerts hung from the walls, and blues, rock, funk, and reggae bands played live music. Gogol Bordello and Todd Wolfe, who had been in Sheryl Crow's band and Terry Evans, who had played with Ry Cooder and John Fogarty, were some of the acts.

The Landmark Inn and Lounge closed in 2011. For the next seven years, it sat idle and rotted beyond repair. It was razed in 2018.

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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Yachats Trading Post

Beulah's Sea View Inn

The Landmark

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