Yachats Commons

441 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Built in the 1930s, The Yachats Commons was initially a K-12 school. In 1937 the graduating class had five graduates. In 1983 the school, by then just an elementary school with 35 students, closed. One Yahatian worried this might cause the town to, "Turn into just one big nursing home."

In 1990 the city of Yachats bought the building. It now houses City Hall and is used for a variety of community activities.

Dancing with Sea Lions Project

The sculpture in front of the commons, Portia T. Doodle, was created by Ruth Bass and purchased by Polly Plum Productions. It is one of twenty life-size sea lion sculptures originally displayed along the Oregon Coast as part of the "Dancing With Sea Lions Project. "

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