Turtle Island Tattoo

427 W 3rd Street, Yachats, OR 97498

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Tattooing is Bonnie Jean McVay's favorite outlet for her artistic talents, which is why she helped open a tattoo studio in Eugene in 1985. In 1997 she opened another in Yachats, Turtle Island Tattoo, at 427 W 3rd Street.

McVay's studios have always had high health standards, but many tattoo shops in the past didn't. In the 1990s, Oregon almost closed tattoo shops because of this. Consequently, a committee was formed to regulate the industry. McVay sat on it. She was also a student in the first class on disease prevention given by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

McVay also owns Turtle Island Gifts at 153b Highway 101.

She named her shops Turtle Island because that's what many Native Americans called the Earth.

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