Judith's Kitchen Tools

261 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Judith's Kitchen Tools opened in 2002 and sells--what else?--kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, and kitchen items with names like chopulas, supoons and spadles. Don't know what chopulas, supoons and spadles are. Stop in and Judith MacDonald will tell you all about them. She doesn't sell anything she hasn't tested herself.

On July 1, 2012, an SUV plowed through the door of the 131-square-foot shop. Judith jumped away in time to avoid being hit. Daniel Serbu, owner of the nearby Dublin House Motel, wasn't as lucky. He was sitting on a bench in front, was shoved through the shop's window, and trapped under the vehicle. He had multiple broken bones and was transported to Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital. The car's driver, recently issued a driver's learning permit, left the car in drive instead of park and the car rolled forward.

July 4th was three days after the crash, a big day for small merchants in Yachats. Fortunately for Judith, neighboring shop keepers and the town's people rallied and made sure her business was ready to be reopened on the big day.


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