Toppers Ice Cream and Candy

153 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Toppers Ice Cream and Candy offer hand-packed Tillamook and Umpqua ice creams, candies sold by the pound, and chocolates and fudge made on site.

About all Gary Church knew about ice cream and candy before he bought Toppers was that he liked ice cream and candy. "I learned to make chocolate by watching other people make chocolate, by reading about making chocolate, and by practicing making chocolate," Church said. "Which is not the easiest way to learn to make chocolate. You learn a lot of ways not to do it."

One thing not to do? Cool chocolate too slowly.

"I had trouble with some of my chocolates at first," Church said. "The chocolates weren't cooled fast enough, so they would have those white streaks, called 'chocolate bloom,' which is the fats in chocolate coming to the top. So that's why chocolate is usually put on a stone or marble slab, to cool it quickly. The marble draws the heat out really quickly. I can do the same thing without marble, on the ice cream freezers. The metal draws the heat out, and the chocolates come out looking (hopefully) professional—they have a nice shine to them, and when you break them they snap, which is what chocolate should do."

Church's son-inlaw, Robert Anthony, owns Luna Sea Fish House that's a few doors down.

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Toppers Ice Cream and Candy

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