The Lion's Club Thrift Store

236 W 4th Street, Yachats, OR 97498

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The Lion's Thrift Store building is one way the Yachats Lion's Club raises funds to support its humanitarian projects. The Lion's Hall itself is located at 344 4th Street.

The building the thrift store is in was built in 2005. Before that what was referred to as "The Old Skating Rink" took up much of this part of 4th Street. The rink was built in the 1930s and was in business until the 1950s. During World War II it was used as army barracks. There were more military personnel in Yachats during the war than Yahatians.

During WWII the army dug foxholes and built gun emplacements on Ocean Drive Road, maintained a radar station on Radar Road, and drilled in front of the Adobe Motel. Chet Hayes, an old-timer, said that before the army left town they took two truck-loads of returnable bottles to the store.

The rink later housed several businesses, including the Ya-Hots Grocery, a mini-mall, and according to Pat Bierman, its last owner, a wallpaper factory. The structure sat abandoned from the 1980s until January 2000 when a windstorm severely damaged it, and it was torn down.


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