Luna Sea Fish House

153 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

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Some seafood restaurants buy their fish directly from fishermen and women. Robert Anthony, the owner of Luna Sea Fish House, does one better: he goes out and catches the fish he serves. He captains the Liberty II, a wooden boat built in 1939.

Anthony began fishing in the 1970s. "Once you get salt in your blood, it doesn't go away," he said. "It's the adventure of being out there in nature. It's just you, the ocean, and your hull away from the helter-skelter."

He also likes seeing things that most people never get to see, like a shark 10 feet from the boat snatching a seagull.

Anthony rigs his boat and fishes for what's in season, including Dungeness crab, salmon, and albacore tuna.

Luna Sea was originally located at 373 Highway 101 N, now the site of Dark Water Souvenirs.

Gary Church, Anthony's father-in-law, owns Toppers Ice Cream and Candy that's a few doors down.

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Luna Sea is located where a Texaco Gas Station used to be. It was one of three gas stations in Yachats, which no longer has even one.

Distant Shores Boutique once occupied what are now three business fronts: Luna Sea, Turtle Island Gifts, and JD Computers. Distant shores relocated to 430 Highway 101 N which is currently occupied by Yachats Cannabis Company.


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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Distant Shores Boutique

Luna Sea Fish House

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