Beach Street Kitchen & Heidi's Italian Dinners

84 Beach St, Yachats, OR 97498

In the 1920s, the row of cottages on Beach Street was mill-worker housing. If anyone has stories about these or the people who lived in them, please email me.

A series of businesses have been run out of the buildings, including Yachats Natural Foods, In Sheep's Clothing Gifts and Video, and The Hair Hut.

 In 2002  Heidi Travaglio and Catherine Lucido opened Grand Occasions Gourmet Deli. "We opened during an economic tank in the tech world," Catherine said, "But hope springs eternal, and we did just fine."

Heidi's Homemade Italian; renamed, Heidi's Italian Dinners (2008-2018), owned by Heidi Travaglio.

Catherine stayed with Grand Occasions until mid-2007 and then opened a Forks Farm Flowers and Catering on her farm eight-miles up the Yachats River. The flowers portion of this business continues to this day.

Heidi ran Grand Occasions for another year and then changed focus and reopened in late 2008 as Heidi's Homemade Italian, which later became Heidi's Italian Dinners. Soon after reopening, there was an electrical, and the entire inside was rebuilt.

Heidi's closed in 2018.

In April 2019 Thomas Arndt, Daniel Cooper, and Brian Hoberg opened Beach Street Kitchen. They met while working at Cafe Mundo in Newport.

They try to cook using ingredients grown or foraged locally. Their furniture is locally sourced too. Their tabletops and counters are made from the wood of one Sitka Spruce tree from Otter Crest, a few miles north of Newport.

 They hand-planed and sanded the slabs of wood themselves, and a friend who worked on surfboards did the finishing epoxy work.

"About a week from our target opening, we were like, 'We're going to have to call a friend in!'  Hoberg said. "We really respect people who work with epoxy, because it's hard! You just get one shot."

"We thought, 'It's going to be just like painting.'" Ardnt said.  "We did have rollers, and we had squeegees."

Ellie Workman, a local ceramicist, threw their mugs just a few feet from their workshop.

Beach Street Kitchen's Website

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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Beach Street Kitchen (Opened 2019)

Heidi's Homemade Italian later renamed Heidi's Italian Dinners (2008-2018)

Grand Occasions Gourmet Deli (2002-2008)

The Hair Hut (~TBD)

In Sheep's Clothing Gifts and Video (~TBD)

Yachats Natural Foods (~TBD)

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