Oregon Trail Mural and Pioneer Phone Company

370 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Oregon Trail Mural in Yachats, Oregon

The mural on the Pioneer Phone Company's station is one of seven Oregon Mural Trail Project in the state. "Welcome to Oregon: a 100% real place. But when you're here, you might swear otherwise." That's the motto of "Oregon, Only Slightly Exaggerated" animation videos, the creators of the project. Take photos of the murals and use the hashtag #OregonIsMagic in social posts.

In 1905 about a dozen people in Yachats bought battery telephones and strung a half a mile of line. Four years later, O.V. Hurt, W.M. Brooks, and Silas Howel created the Yachats Telephone Company. In 1963 Pioneer Telephone Cooperative brought dial telephones to Yachats, but until 1969, you still had to use an operator to make long-distance calls.


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