The Sea Note Restaurant & Lounge

333 Hwy 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

The Sea Note Lounge is a sports bar with large screen TVs, live music, food, and drink which opened in December 2017.

The building it is in was built in 1925. It sat idle from 1987 to 2016, much to the annoyance of neighbors who viewed it as a blight. The owner had bought many properties during the housing boom and overextended himself. When the recession hit, plans he had for the building gave way to just trying to avoid bankruptcy.

In 2016 Rosetta Dimiceli, the owner of the Salty Dawg in Waldport, bought the by then decrepit property.

The beams were solid, but what flooring was there was plywood, and the inner walls were little more than exposed studs with exposed wiring. The windows were about the only thing in the building that didn't need much work.

Demiceli's mother was a hairdresser. "I tried being a hairdresser for six years," Dimiceli said. "It didn't work out."

Her father's business, though? "My father was in the bar business," Dimiceli said. "I went to Alaska and opened my own bar up there." After forty-three years of running the Blue Fox in Anchorage while simultaneously running the Salty Dawg for twenty-five of those years, Dimiceli declared she was bored and needed a new project.

She also had a lot of bored family members.

Twenty-plus of them once visited her in Waldport, where she'd lived since 1993. They'd come to Oregon to watch the Olympic Team Track & Field Trials in Eugene, and there was no place for all of them to go at night.

"I was driving around, and I saw this building."

She convinced her son Brian Dimiceli who lived in Chicago and was ready to retire, to move and manage and the Sea Note.

Rosetta Dimiceli loves woodworking. As she had done at the Salty Dawg, she made the tables for the Sea Note. The bar, a butcher-block pattern, was her design and built by Steve Oldham.


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