The Antique Virgin

310 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Where the Anitque Virgin is located was the site of the original Yachats Post Office, Yachats Grocery, and Yachats Hotel.

John Silvers was one of the proprietors when it was the Yachats Hotel. Silver, described as, "A big fellow with big ideas," who once sold land in Yachats even though he didn't own any land here. He salted a gold mine and quickly left town once people realized there was no gold.

Before Valerie Odenthal bought The Antique Virgin in 2011, she was a customer and bought lots of whimsical gifts for her husband. She described the store as being, "Like going through somebody's attic." She also has a whole room devoted to beads.

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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Yachats Post Office

Mr Bill's Hair Salon: a full service salon and where you could catch up on the local gossip.

The Antique Virgin

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