Dark Water Souvenirs

373 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Su Carey opened Dark Water on Fat Tuesday, 2014. She primarily sells souvenirs with a Yachats theme and items made by locals.

"I buy jewelry and supplies," including "vintage parts," Carey said, and local craftspeople "come in and make things."

Carey also loves Alice in Wonderland and mermaids. "It seems like everybody in town likes mermaids," she said. "Everybody in Yachats is an ex-mermaid."

What is an ex-mermaid? "People who were mermaids, and now they live on the land," Carey jokes. "They came to Yachats to live."

Dark Water moved its original location at 114 Highway 101, the northern part of the Drift Inn complex, to the Midtown Guitar Complex late 2019.

Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Luna Sea Fish Market (now at 153 Highway 101 N)

Dark Water Souvenirs

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