Yachats Community Presbyterian Church

360 West 7th Street, Yachats, OR 97498

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In 1970 the new Yachats Community Presbyterian Church was dedicated, The Church of the Agate Windows.

Reverend Phelp, the first pastor of the Little Log Church, had been with the Oregon Conference of the Evangelical Church, but by the 1950s most of the congregants were Presbyterian. In 1968 the congregation was too big to hold services in the Little Log Church, so they held services at the Yachats Ladies Club, while building a new church.

The pastor at the time, Reverend William Gamble, and his wife, Charlotte, wanted the new church to reflect the natural resources of the area and asked the architect, Frank Steele, to design agate windows for the sanctuary. Steele said you couldn't make windows from agates. Gamble believed otherwise. Experimenting with a local rock shop owner, Eban Page, he found that lots of epoxy, lots of agates, mixed with shredded fiberglass, made beautiful windows. Nearly everyone in Yachats donated agates.

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