Green Salmon

220 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

The building at 220 Highway 101 was originally a Dairy Queen, and when it had its grand opening in 1972, it was one of the largest DQs in Oregon, pretty amazing since, at the time, Yachats only had a population of 441 people.

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Foghorns Fish N chips, which later became LeRoy's Blue Whale, was located here until it burned down in 1990.

Green Salmon 2006 ArticleDavid Thomas and Deb Gisetto opened the Green Salmon, June 7, 2005. They had run a similar business in Vermont.

"Coffee shops generate a huge amount of waste," David said. "We try to do various things to show people that environmental conservation is something you can do in your everyday life."

When they opened, a 400-watt sailboat wind generator and solar panels powered the Green Salmon's computer, cash register, and an outdoor homemade contraption to roast coffee in.

The contraption is no longer in use, but the Green Salmon is still very environmentally conscious. They mop and water plants with rainwater collected in 55-gallon drums. When possible, they buy local ingredients, and give farmers they buy from the compost they make from all their vegetable waste.

And naturally, they only buy organic fair trade coffee beans. In addition to selling coffee by the cup--a biodegradable cup if it's to go--the Green Salmon sells coffee beans by the pound to local businesses and mail-order fans around the country.

Adrian Beatty, the current coffee roaster, starts many days around 1:00 a.m. to do a five-hour roast of about 135 pounds of coffee.

For many locals saying "I'll have the usual" at the Green Salmon means a cup of coffee infused with hemp CBD (cannabidiol) oil. "You're not going to get stoned, you're not going to be macraméd into your couch, and having forty, fifty munchies in your pocket," Adrian said. The median age in Yachats is 64, and one of the many benefits of CBD is relieving aches and pains associated with arthritis.

"It's like taking a super-aspirin," Adrian said. "It's not like marijuana."
CBD has no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes you high.

Green Salmon 2009 ArticleAnd then there are the teas. "On an average week, we probably sell 83 or 84 pounds of tea a week," Adrian said and added that Deb was a tea "Maestro."

The Green Salmon's name is an homage to the Green Dragon, a coffee house in Boston, and a nod to being an environmentally friendly business where salmon is king.

The Green Salmon's Website

Yachats Pie and Kite Shop and Oak Barrel Country Gifts were at this site before the Green Salmon. If you have photos and/or of either of these businesses, please email me.

Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Dairy Queen

Foghorn Fish N Chips

LeRoy's Blue Whale Restaurant

Yachats Pie and Kite Shop

The Oak Barrel Gift Shop

The Green Salmon

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