La Serre and Styx, Stones ‘n Bones

160 West 2nd St., Yachats, OR

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Styx, Stones ‘n Bones (formerly Roadrunner Rocks) opened at this location in 2019. Before that it was located just north of Yachats at 2334 Highway 101.. They have a huge selection of agates, precious stones, fossils, crystals, geodes, and gems. It's a treasure house to explore of ancient natural wonders.

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The first business at this location was La Serre Restaurant, which opened in 1977. During it's nearly thirty years in business La Serre was the most expensive restaurant in town, but considered to be worth the cost.

Two restaurants then occupied the building:  La Roca Restaurant & Lounge, which served Mexican dishes, and the Alder Bistro Restaurant & Lounge, which served many Cajun dishes.


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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Styx, Stones 'n Bones

Alder Bistro Restaurant & Lounge

La Roca Restaurant & Lounge

La Serre Restaurant & Lounge

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