Yachats Brewing + Farmstore

348 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

The building Yachats Brewing + Farmstore occupies was built in 1965 and was originally a Lincoln Bank constructed from solid concrete block and very large beams.

Rumor has it that some out-of-towners asked someone where the police station was, and upon being informed Yachats had no police, they went into the bank and robbed it. The robbers were never caught. An old-timer told me the robbery was once featured on the TV show America's Most Wanted, but I haven't been able to find the episode. If you have information about it, please email me. Thanks.


For a time the building was then occupied by a Prudential Real Estate office.

In 2011 Nathan and Cicely Bernard started remodeling the building using reclaimed materials, including old-growth Douglas Fir timbers salvaged from the Brooklyn Roundhouse, a Portland locomotive shop. Nathan made cabinets from alder trees harvested and milled at their small farm up the Yachats River, and barstools from recycled wine barrels.

Food in the restaurant is locally grown, much of it on the Bernard's own farm.

The taphouse has thirty taps, at least ten of which feature the brewery's own brews. The brewery's spent grain is used as livestock feed. In fact, everything that can be composted at the restaurant is composted and turned into soil for their farm.

Some of the energy the brewery uses is produced with an Electronic Inertial Power (EIP) wind turbine you can see behind the building. Passive solar and thermal mass design eliminates the need for a furnace and air conditioning.

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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Lincoln Bank

Prudential Real Estate

Yachats Brewing + Farmstore

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