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430 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Rachel Vanderthorne who operated Rachel's Roadhouse emailed me the following information: "As the 1st TG (Transgender) to be appointed to public office in Oregon and the 1st to open, run and fail at running a business in Oregon, I wanted to add it to your history page. My restaurant was Rachel's Roadhouse at 430 Highway 101 across from the commons. I was operating 2003-2005 in a building I had purchased from a bakery. I was on the planning commission and ran for Mayor garnering 1/3 the vote without a campaign and more in fun than anything else. You can still see my picture in the 2004 Lincoln County voter guide. I had not heard about Beulah's and it turns out, I purchased and used the 1960's Lucite string lights that used to be in Beulah's restaurant and bar. I cleaned, restored and had installed them in my restaurant. They were like little planets hanging in the dark and cozy zebra fur beam and red plaid Italian interior. The front door did have an etching of intertwined zebras that I was supposed to take when I sold the business as a last ditch to save any kind of financial remedy. I had moved there after transitioning and was starting a whole new 'old' me. I worked in my kitchen at home developing a pizza recipe that was unusual and eye-popping. I finally succeeded and worked on the building upgrade and remodel. This is a long story so I will cut it short. I still have the string lights. Thinking about marketing them but they are not just vintage lights, they are a part of American Folklore and the magic of what was Yachats.


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Businesses That Have Been at this Location

Yachats Cannabis Company

Yachats Light House Gift Shop


Rachel's Roadhouse Pizza

Distant Shores Boutique

Robin & What's His Name

Galerie de Chevrier

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