Fireside Motel

1881 Highway 101, Yachats, OR 97498

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Fireside Motel Postcard 1969

The Fireside Motel is pet-friendly, and one of its most famous four-legged guests was the dog who played Benji. He stayed there in 1987 when they were filming scenes at Cape Perpetua for Benji the Hunted.

When Wilbur and Harriet Willamson owned the Fireside in the late 1960s, a postcard touted that in addition to having an ocean view, beach access, tide pools, driftwood, and fishing, they also had "T.V., elec. blankets, F.M. music."

The Fireside was bought by Jerry and Georgia Roslund in 1982. Their sister hotel next door, the Overleaf, touts in 2020 that they have not just an ocean view, but an Ocean-View Soaking Pool and Hot Tub, not just T.V.s, but an exercise room with cable T.V., not just F.M. music, but free wi-fi, steam rooms, saunas, masseuses, and wine tastings.

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