Outta Gas Pizza & Boston's Chevron

1685 Highway 101 N, Yachats, OR 97498

If your car gets a flat or runs out of gas in south Lincoln County, Boston's Towing and Auto Repair at the north end of Yachats can't help you anymore, as it closed up shop years ago. But if you yourself are low on fuel and in the mood for some great comfort food, you're in luck. Not as much luck, though, as the three buddies who opened Outta Gas Pizza in the old Boston's garage building. They renovated the building, expanding their existing pizza shop, with their million-dollar Oregon lottery win.

Dave Miller, Michael Allen, and Dave Mellgren had dinner at Newport Steak and Seafood, bought a Powerball ticket, won, and, contrary to most stories of this kind, did not have their lives radically changed. These three very down-to-earth gentlemen used the money to subsidize a project they had already begun, the expansion of the tiny Outta Gas Pizza.

"We figured it'd give us something to do besides carouse," explains Michael Allen, one of the trio.

No tropical vacations? No sports cars? "We bought several rounds of drinks for our friends," Allen recalls. "And I bought a second-hand BMW, a safer car for my family."

Allen and Mellgren are building contractors by trade, while their friend Miller keeps cattle on a farm up the Yachats River Road. In the late 1980s, Miller ran the Yachats Deli, where he developed the recipe for the pizza that Outta Gas still makes. The trio opened Outta Gas in one end of the Boston's building, in a space of about three hundred square feet, on Memorial Day 2009.

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