End of Holy Rollers Chapter 5 and Start of Chapter 6
I came to Jesus long ago all laden down with sin,
I sought Him long for pard’ning grace, He would not take me in.
At last I found the reason why as light came more and more;
I had a shelf with idols on just in behind the door.
That shelf behind the door--don’t use it any more;
But quickly clean that corner out from ceiling to the floor;
For Jesus wants His temple clean, He can not bless you more,
Unless you take those idols out from behind the door.

tore it down and threw it out and the blessing came;
But e’er I got the victory and felt the holy flame.
Beelzebub came rushing up and said with awful roar,
“You cannot live without a shelf right here behind the door.”

The Shelf Behind the Door
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