End of Holy Rollers Chapters 9 and 19
If while fighting for our Savior on the battlefield below,
we find ourselves surrounded by a strong and mighty foe;
Let us follow our Commander, He will safely bring us through,
He will never, never leave us, What he promised He will do.
Go on, go on, don't murmur or complain,
Shout glory hallelujah! While we reap the golden grain;
Go on go on, onward ever on;
Each day "the way" grows brighter, Soon our heav'nly home we'll gain.
If some say we are peculiar, and don't do things just "their way,"
They cannot understand us, neither what we do or say;
There is One above who knows us, And he keeps us pure within,
When we "sing and shout, and leap for joy," he knows just what we mean.
Go On
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