Frank and Mollie Hurt

Frank HurtFrank Hurt, twenty-one in 1903, was a friendly, tall, handsome, fair-haired, blue-eyed young man. He, like many of the Holy Rollers, had belonged to the Methodist Church until joining the Salvation Army--it’s not known whether the Methodists begrudged the Salvation Army the members it wooed away. Frank was also a devoted follower of Creffield’s before that summer, and left not only the Salvation Army to go to Smith Island, but his job as well. “Our religion [Creffield’s religion] is to help one another,” he said as explanation. He, like others in his family, wanted to do good works, and he felt he would have more opportunities to do so by following Creffield than by toiling as a shipping clerk at Ainsworth Dock in Portland.

“Creffield, our leader, is an apostle,” Frank Hurt said in awe. “The same as those mentioned in the Bible.”

Frank was engaged to Mollie Sandell, one of the first of Creffield’s followers to leave the Salvation Army to join his church. Her family were well-to-do Methodists who owned considerable property in Seattle. Mollie, twenty-two in 1903, a slight woman with gray eyes and light-colored hair, had left the Methodist Church two years earlier to join the Salvation Army. She had recently reached the rank of Captain when she resigned her commission to follow Creffield.

Mollie’s twenty-six-year-old sister, Olive, another former Methodist turned Salvation Army soldier, also came to Smith Island.


Frank Hurt's Commitment & Asylum Records

Maud Hurt's Commitment & Asylum Records

Photos on the right are stills from How the Fire Fell, Edward P. Davee’s movie based on the Holy Rollers.


Most were taken by Destiny Lane.


Frank Hurt's House

Frank & Mollie Hurt
Sara Robbin & Jon Ashley Hall as
Mollie & Frank Hurt

Frank, Mollie & Ruth Hurt
Jon Ashley Hall, Sara Robbin &
Adeline Christensen as Frank, Mollie & Ruth Hurt

OV Hurt's House

Frank and Maud Hurt
Jon Ashley Hall and Maren McGuire as Frank and Maud Hurt

Mollie, Ruth & Frank Hurt

Sara Robbin, Adeline Christensen & Jon Ashley Hall as
Mollie, Ruth & Frank Hurt

Frank Hurt on the PorchJon Ashley Hall as Frank Hurt

Holy Rollers

Jon Ashley Hall

Jon Ashley Hall

Sara Robbin

Sara Robbin


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