Creffield and the Dispensing of Existence


Avenge Death of Creffield"Perhaps the most significant characteristic of totalistic movements is what I call 'dispensing of existence,'" Dr. Lifton writes. "Those who have not seen the light and embraced the truth are wedded to evil, tainted, and therefore in some sense, usually metaphorical, lack the right to exist. That is one reason why a cult member threatened with being cast into outer darkness may experience a fear of extinction or collapse."

If someone lacks the right to exist, not only is it permissible for you to kill them, it is your duty to kill them. That was the unfortunate conclusion some in Franz Edmund Creffield's cult came to.

"When Franz Edmund Creffield placed his hands on his followers heads they were absolutely in his power and did anything he told them," Burgess Starr, an in-law of his said. "Had he told them to jump in the river they would not have hesitated a moment, but plunged in." And when he order them to, they did more than jump in a river. When he ordered them to burn cats and dogs and to do worse, they burned cats and dogs and did worse.

Alas, to tell you exactly what "worse" they did would give away the last third of the book Holy Rollers. To find those details out, you'll just have to read it for yourself.



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