A list of the Employees at the Oregon Insane Asylum in 1907:

Superintendent--J. F. Calbreath.

Supervisor--W. J. Irwin.

Matron--Frances Cornwell.

First assistant physician--L. F. Griffith.

Second assistant physician--A. E. Tamiesie.

Third assistant physician--J. H. Robnett.

Overseer--A. C. Dilley.

Bookkeeper--R. B. Goodwin.

Stenographers--Harriet G. Rafter, Gertrude Campbell.

Engineer--A. E. Strang; first assistant, F. D. Howe; second assistant, A. B. Seeley.

Steward--J. G. Wright.

Commissary--E. A. Thatcher.

Chief cook--C. W. Boeschen; first assistant, T. L. Poujade; second assistant, Mrs. Mae Dilley.

Head farmer--D. S. Brown.

Carpenter--Ed. Zeyss; assistant, A. H. Moore.

Baker--Robt. Ashford; assistant, J. C. Lewis.

Night watchman--James Neil.

Druggist--E. Ostrander.

Painter--Thos. H. Gilbert.

Tinner--Jas. Herrington.

Shoemaker--W. H. Armstrong.

Blacksmith--A. C. Hansen.

Tailor--W. C. Wesotowski.

Night Fireman,--H. H. Watson.

Brick mason--Chas. Van Wagner.

Laundryman--J. C. Sutton; assistant, J. J. Gergahty.

Laundress--Anna Parker.

Fireman--John Quirk.

Dairyman--D. H. Ferrell.

Gardner--R. W. Powell.

Hackman--W. W. Westenhouse.

Stableman--T. L. Hargrove.

Porter--Otto Neumyer.

Farm helpers--Chas. Poppa, W. T. Hayward, B. F. Anderson, A. H. Hammer.

Seamstress--Mabel Bean.

Attendants, male wards--G. F. Litchfield, T. J. Lousignont, F. M. Quinn, E. Barlow, G. V. Boggs, H. E. Bell, S. A. Parks, H. H. Riddell, H. H. Fenton, Ed. Simpson, O. H. Barnes, J. A. Ramey, J. A. Huston, G. A. Woestefeld, E. K. Shaw, W. Wilce, E. P. Cochran, A. Hobart, W. E. Mitchell, Jas. Kershaw, C. Peterson, B. B. Jackson, Frank Hobson, G. W. Hirons, G. A. Adkins, W. R. Kane, Willard Davis, Sim Phillips, Walter L. Davis, R. B. Snedden, L. C. Brotherton, E. W. Stubbs, T. A. Veach, G. K. Harrington, I. N. Parks, Ed. Scolfield, M. C. Russell, J. F. MacDonald, Alva Ventress, N. Scritchlow, I. T. Chambers, D. E. Harris, Chas. R. Brague, Ed. Foster, Chas. Kratz, E. C. Lathey, M. F. O'Brien.

Attendants, female wards--Hanna L. Kencaly, Mary Martin, M. B. Churchill, Lena Brandt, Mrs. Belle Irwin, Emma Washburn, Marteanna McAlpin, Augusta Wilce, W. J. Buscer, Lean Zaenker, Lucy Andrews, Nellie Ramsey, Grace Cleaver, Lucella Stone, Gertrude Litchfield, Pearl Baker, Mrs. W. M. Buser, Jessie Daley, Mrs. F. M. Quinn, Jessie Mitchell, Louise Fryslie, Mrs. Frona Winslow, Bessis Warner, Mrs. J. G. Wright, Lulu Jackson, Edith Cleaver, Mrs. E. W. Stubbs, Sadie Carpenter, Katherine Kissani, Grace Bluck, Martha E. Whelan, Kate Watt, Lottie Hobson, Lulu Martin, N. Augusta Veach, Maud Brotherton, Nora Vincent, Mrs. Della Parks, Ada LaShum, Mrs. Mary M. Hofer, Adelia Wainscott.

Elevator operator--W. A. Benedict.

Trustees--Geo. E. Chamberlain, F. I. Dunbar, Chas. S. Moore.

Employees at Asylum Farm

Cook--s. M. Snell; assistant, H. E. Symes.

Dinner room assistant--Elsis B. Simeral.

Engineer--S. W. Brad; assistant, R. Simeral.

Farmer--John Noran.

Gardner--Wm. Flannigan.

Dairyman--N. Fryslie.

Farm Helpers--F. Reeve, Ben Bowden, W. H. O'Mara, Fred Brutzka.

Attendants, male wards--J. L. Bullock, E. A. Dunlop, J. A. Dickey, S. Wood, A. B. Conway, L. Hobson, Claud Buster, Co. O. Bates, Allen R. Howell, W. F. Jones, C. E. Spidell, W. E. Shaw, Chas. Ferrell, Edward Rock, John Cavaher, Geo. F. Shaw, M. J. Lewis.

Assistant bakers--E. R. Cover, J. W. Hirous.

Attendants, female wards--Elaine Dilley, Mr. Bertha Spidell, Mrs. Susie Bates.

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