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Like a cartoon on this web site, but wish the caption, characters, or settings were different? No problem. I can modify it for you. Have cartoon ideas of your own? I can draw those up too.


The most frequent question I’m asked is, “Do you draw for the New Yorker?” to which I reply, “Yes. In fact I’ve drawn covers for them … although they’ve never had the good sense to buy any of my work.”

Hundreds of other magazines have bought my work, though.

Magazines That Have Published My Cartoons

48° North Sailing Magazine

911 Magazine


Accent on Living Magazine

Adhesive Age

Adjunct Advocate Journal


African Expedition Gazette

Airport Press

Alarm Installer & Dealer Magazine

All About Beer

American Alliance for Health Journal

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

American Atheist

American Bee Journal

American Family Physician

American Forestry Magazine

American Medical Association (AMA) News

American Natural Hygiene

American Public Works Association (APWA)

American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration (ASHRAE) Ottawa

American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) Journal

American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration (ASHRAE) Ottawa

American Square Dance Magazine

Arizona Republic

Art Business News

Artists' Magazine

Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC)

Atlantic Salmon Journal

Automatic ID News

Automotive Cooling Journal

Australian Bridge Magazine  

Back to the Bible

Baker’s Exchange

Ballyhoo Brief

Bankers Monthly

Battery Man

Bee Culture Magazine

Bicycle Business Journal

Boston Business Journal

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists


Bus World

Business & Society Review


California Computer News

California Football Officials Association Newsletter

California Senior Citizen

Campus Safety Journal

Canadian Banker

Canadian Emergency News

Candy Wholesaler

Capital Computers

Capital Restaurant Digest

Cash Flow

Catamaran Sailor

Catholic News Service


CC Motorcycle News Magazine

CFO on the Go


Chief Executive

CHIPs (California Highway Patrolman) Magazine


Church Sound

Cincinnati Magazine

Classic Car

Classroom Computer Learning

Cleaner Times

Coast Magazine

Computer + Software News

Computer Craft

Computer Edge

Computer Game Forum,

Concrete Homes

Construction Specifications Institute

Consultant News

Crafts Report

Creative Computing

Credit Union Magazine

Cruising Outpost Magazine


Damage Report

Data World

Dental Management

Desktop Publishing


Distributor's Link

District Council Journal

Drug Topics

Dry Cleaning News


Earth Medicine

Editor's Forum

Education Digest

Educational Technology Magazine

Electrical Appliance

EMS/ART (Emergency Medical Services/Advance Rescue Technology) World

Enterprise Systems

Environ ArtMolds

Eurotimes, European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)


Family Doctor Magazine

Farmer Magazine

Federal Times

Fishing Tackle Trade News

Florida Community Association Journal

Florida Restaurateur

Food Processing Magazine

Form Magazine

Foreman's Letter

Fresh Start Magazine

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium


Gay Writes

Gem Show News

Gleanings in Bee Culture Magazine


Goat Magazine

Golden Years

Good Humor

Good Old Days

Government Executive

Ground Breaking News


Hard Hat News

Health Food Business

Health Physics Newsletter

Health Science

High Country News

Hill Rag

Home Lighting & Accessories Magazine

Homesteader’s Connection

Hoof Beats

Horse Backstreet Choppers

Hospital Supervisors Bulletin

Human Resources (HR) Magazine



I Love Cats

I.D. News

In Business

Information Display Magazine

Instant & Small Commercial Printer Magazine

International Communications

Internet Business Forum


Intro Magazine


Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

Journal of Practical Nursing

Journal of the American Statistical Association

Juggler's World


Kashrus Magazine


Laugh Times

Law Office Economics


Legal Times

Life Association News

Live Sound

Llamas Magazine

Los Angeles Airport Police Officers Association Publication

Marine Construction Magazine

Maryland Musician

Medical Post

Medical Tribune

Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Morris Report

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine


National Beauty News

National Capital Area Skeptics

National Catholic Conference

National Court Reporter

National Examiner

National Laugh Report

National Law Journal

National Locksmith Magazine

National Parking Association

National Research Bureau

National Shorthand Reporter

Native Trails

Needlecraft for Today

New Physician Magazine

Newport News Times

Newsletter Factory

North Shore Magazine

North Tahoe Week

Nutrition Health Review


Oakland County Medical Society Bulletin

Official Detective

Ohio Motorist

One Touch


Oregon Food Journal

Oregon State Bar

Oregon Women’s Law Society (OWLS)


Oregon Tilth

Orion Magazine



Parking Today


Pennsylvania Magazine

Performance Resource Press

Personal Selling Power

Pet Dealer Magazine


Pharmacy Times

Physician's Management

Plan & Print Magazine

Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine

Police and Security News

Police Times

Pollution Engineering Magazine

Popular Electronics

Popular Woodworking

Power Trips

Presbyterian Survey

Press Associates


Professional Electronics

Professional Photographer Magazine

ProFiles Magazine

Prost! Productions

Public Utilities Fortnightly

Publisher's Trade

Purple Cow



Railway Journal


Report to Legal Management

Resident & Staff Physician

Restaurant and Hotel Magazine

Riverside County Farm Bureau

Rock Products


San Francisco Police Officers Association Journal

Saturday Evening Post

School & Community

School Shop

Screen Printing

Security Dealer

Senior Advocate

Senior Citizen


Service Business Magazine


Sheep Canada Magazine

Sign of the Times

Signalman Journal

Skeptical Eye

Ski Magazine


Southern Lumber

Southwest International Wine & Food Review

Space Forum

Starting Line

Storage Tank Update


Sunshine Classroom

SunGuide Disseminator

Supervisor's Bulletin

Symphony Magazine


Tech Directions Magazine

Technical Support Magazine


Texas Realtor Magazine

The Farmer

The Journal

The Public Manager Journal

This ‘N That

Times Publications

Today's Parts Manager

Tole World

Tow Times

Train Magazine,

Training Magazine

Transmission Distribution

Treasure Chest Magazine

Tucson Lifestyles

Twelve Step Gazette

Twist & Go


Underground Focus

Union Communications

Unique Magazine

United Senior Action

US Concord Magazine

USDF Guide to Dressage

Used Car Dealer Magazine


Vegetarian Health

Vegetarian Times

Virginia State Trooper Newsletter

Vocational Biographies

Voice of the Farmer


Wallpaper Magazine

Washington Jewish Singles Newsletter

Western Producer

Wilson's Library Quarterly

Wine Tidings

Woman Engineer Magazine

Woman's World

World Beer Review

Workbench Magazine

Writers Gazette

Wyoming Rural Electric News

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Books McCracken's Cartoons are In

Magazines McCracken has Drawn For

Cartoons from a Warped Mind

Cartoons From a Slightly Warped Mind

Now available as an eBook for $2.99 and as an autographed paperback for $7.50.

It's a collection of 100 of my most popular cartoons, including Lemming Suicide Hotline, Dorothy selling the Tin Man to a recycling center, and Druids changing to Daylight Saving Time.

Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult

Now available as an eBook with lots of extras for a measly $3.99! *** iTunes It's my first book of literary nonfiction published by Caxton Press. It's a story that has everything a good read should have: sex, religious fervor, mass insanity, the downfall of prominent families, murder & sensational court trials. AND it's all true. To learn more about cults and the book, go to Holy Rollers



is a website I'm developing that has lots of "Then and Now" photos, stories about Native Americans, homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and colorful characters who have lived, worked and played in the quirky town I work in, Yachats, Oregon.


T-shirts, mugs, cards, posters, prints & more.

With print on demand you can have cartoons printed on just about anything. Visit my two online stores.

CafePress Zazzle

Magazines I've drawn for?

New Yorker CoverThe New Yorker, of course ... although they've yet to have the good sense to buy any of my work. Hundreds of others have, from the Saturday Evening Post to The Oregonian to large publishing houses to small trade journals. Let me draw a few cartoons for you. No matter what, I hope you get a few laughs as you go through my site.

Cartoons Recently Rejected by the New Yorker

Cat Calendar

Calendars With McHumor Cartoons

Use Cartoons in Presentations.

Public Speakers, even when speaking on serious topics, break the ice with a joke. Cartoons do the same thing--and you can't "tell a cartoon wrong.

Use Cartoons in Textbooks, Advertisements, Brochures, Web Sites & Blogs.

Cartoons & humorous illustrations grab people's attention and therefore increase your chances to convey your message.

Use Cartoons on T-shirts.

Events can't be called true events unless they have official T-shirts, and t-shirts with personalized cartoons on them are the T-shirts preferred by 9 out of 10 people stranded on a desert island.

Personalized Cartoons: An illustration of anyone can be Photoshopped into any cartoon on the web site. This is a great CHEAP gift.

The perfect "gift from the gang" at retirement or going away parties is an original cartoon of the guest of honor.


How One Cartoonist's Mind Works: How to create cartoon ideas.

Information For Gag Writers

The Komic, a Graphic Novel in the Making

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Many assume images found on the web can be used for free and are in the public domain. Many are not. I've spent years drawing these cartoons and I support my family selling them online so please contact me before using any. THANKS! Theresa (T-) McCracken, Humble & Financially Strapped Cartoonist

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