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Like a cartoon on this web site, but wish the caption, characters, or settings were different? No problem. I can modify it for you. Have cartoon ideas of your own? I can draw those up too.

Book Covers Using T- McCracken’s Cartoons

Justin and Rudy's Tragic Service Desk Project

Acton, Michael. Justin and Rudy's Tragic Service Desk Project

Amyot, Michel . Toubibs Or Not Toubibs (Doctor or Not Doctor)

Amyot, Michel . Toubibs Or Not Toubibs (Doctor or Not Doctor)


Daniel, Kevin William and Mary Cox Daniel. Writing Naked: Principles of Writing for Realtime and Captioning.

Frazier, Andy. In Bed With Cows.

Frazier, Andy. In Bed With Cows.

Frazier, Andy. In Bed With Sheep

Frazier, Andy. In Bed With Sheep.


Gold, Lawrence W. Gold. I Love My Doctor, But..


Gottshalk, Guv, Dick Gibbons and T. McCracken. The Homeowner's Advocate.


Lederer, Richard. Disorder in the Court.


Lee, Karen. You Have Everything from A –Z.

100 Perks of Having Cancer.

Strange, Florence & Susan Gonzalez. 100 Perks of Having Cancer.


Yermoyahu, Shlomo, They're Playing God With Our Watermelons

Humor & Cartoon Anthologies Where T- McCracken’s is a Contributor

Burbank, Sally Willard. Patients I Will Never Forget.

Canfield, Jack, Mark Victor Hansen and Patty Hansen. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Divorce and Recovery.

Dalin, Anne Safran. Life’s a Stitch: The Best of Contemporary Women’s Humor.

Davis, Nancy. Crème de la Femme: The Best of Contemporary Women’s Humor

Donnelly, Liz. Mothers and Daughters.

Hollingsworth, Mary. On the Highway to Humor.

Kalt, Gerry. The Rest of Life is Easy.

King Features. The New Breed.

Leeuwis, Martin. Please Wait To Be Seated.

Ricci, Michael and Joseph George Szaba. Was It Worth It? A Collection of International Cartoons About Columbus and His Trips to America.

Warren, Roz. Eat, Drink & Remarry: What Women Really Think about Divorce.

Warren, Rosalind. Kitty Libber: Cat Cartoons by Women

Warren, Roz. When Cats Talk Back.

Warren, Roz. Women’s Glibber: State-of-the-Art Women’s Humor.

Books That Have T- McCracken’s Cartoons in them

Adams, Alice. Trucking Guide to Border Crossing.

Allen, Jennifer M: The SAGE Guide to Writing in Criminal Justice Research Methods

Anderson, Mark: 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case.

Brechner, Bob. Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers.

Burman, Len and Joel Slemrod. Taxes in America.

Brown, Flora. Color Your Life Happy.

Cambridge University Press. Academic Encounters Series.

Cherian, Joseph. Idiotic English and Idiomatic English.

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH. The World is Flat

Craftsman. 1994 Daily Job Log.

Craftsman. 1995 Daily Job Log.

Crossman, Jane and Jay Scherer. Social Dimensions of Canadian Sport.

Darrin, Ann Garrison and Beth Laura O’Leary. Handbook of Space Engineering, Archaeology and Heritage.

Darrin, Ann Garrison and Jane L. Barth. Systems Engineering for Microscale and Nanoscale Technologies.

Editora Moderna. EJA: Educaçåo de Joven e Adultos.

Editora Moderna. Outlook.

Editora Moderna. Sociologia em Movimento.

Editora Moderna. Upgrade.

Fogel, Peter. Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace... If you Still Have a Job!

Fulero, Solomon M. and Lawrence S. Wrightsman: Forensic Psychology.

Gibson, Nathan. Motorcycle Safety: Humorous Short Stories and Lifesaving Tips.

Harshbarger, Ronald J. Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences.

Hatier. Anglais New Meeting Point.

Kisselburgh, Robert. The 13 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mississippi Injury Claim.

Lilienfeld,Scott O., Steven J Lynn, Laura L. Namy and Nancy J. Woolf . Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding.

Maddox, William. Profits in Building Spec Homes.

Macmillan Brazil. Journey to English ENEM 3.

Marsh, Tim. Tuition Paid by Others: A Collection of Practical, Real-World Leadership Lessons

Mitchell, William D. and Gary Moselle. Paper Contracting: The How-To of Construction Management Contracting.

Moore, Brooke and Ken Bruder. Philosophy.

Morris, Donald. Tax Cheating.

Morgan, Annette, Colleen Mortimer and Dale Pinto. A Practical Introduction To Australian Taxation Law : 2013.

Orbanes Philip. Monopoly ® Money And You.

Oxford Univerisy Press. Quantitative Research Methods.

Owens Barnes, Nancy. Amazon KDP: Optimize Your E-book for Amazon.

Owens Barnes, Nancy. Swat The Killer Bes Out Of Your Writing.

Patel, Suresh. Lean Transformation: Cultural Enablers and Enterprise Alignment.

Saraiva Book Publisher. Heads Up

Slater, Rus. Be Your Own Career Coach.

Smith, Lona. HELP! He Wants Me to Sign a Prenup

Smith, Nicole T. Smith. Skinny Genes.

Smoot, Jeff. Making Bankruptcy Work For You: Navigation the Path to Your Fresh Start.

Stark Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. Fachhochschulreife Englisch Berufskolleg Baden-Wuerttemberg 2015

Steward, Karen. Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims: Bound By Pain.

Thomas, Henry Lee. Men's Guide to being a Single Parent.

Thomas, Henry Lee. The Family Reunion Bible: Explore - Fellowship - Give Thanks.

Wagenvoord, Dave and Ali Pervez. No Cash? No Problem!: Learn How To Get Everything You Want in Business and Life, Without Using Cash.

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Cartoons from a Warped Mind

Cartoons From a Slightly Warped Mind

Now available as an eBook for $2.99 and as an autographed paperback for $7.50.

It's a collection of 100 of my most popular cartoons, including Lemming Suicide Hotline, Dorothy selling the Tin Man to a recycling center, and Druids changing to Daylight Saving Time.

Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult

Now available as an eBook with lots of extras for a measly $3.99! *** iTunes It's my first book of literary nonfiction published by Caxton Press. It's a story that has everything a good read should have: sex, religious fervor, mass insanity, the downfall of prominent families, murder & sensational court trials. AND it's all true. To learn more about cults and the book, go to Holy Rollers



is a website I'm developing that has lots of "Then and Now" photos, stories about Native Americans, homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and colorful characters who have lived, worked and played in the quirky town I work in, Yachats, Oregon.


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With print on demand you can have cartoons printed on just about anything. Visit my two online stores.

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Magazines I've drawn for?

New Yorker CoverThe New Yorker, of course ... although they've yet to have the good sense to buy any of my work. Hundreds of others have, from the Saturday Evening Post to The Oregonian to large publishing houses to small trade journals. Let me draw a few cartoons for you. No matter what, I hope you get a few laughs as you go through my site.

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