New Yorker Covers

The most frequent question I am asked is, “Do you draw for the New Yorker?” to which I reply, “Yes. In fact I’ve drawn three covers for them … although they’ve never had the good sense to buy any of my work.”

The second and third covers I drew appeared on their web site, but it really wasn’t a big deal. I entered them in the 2011 & 2012 Eustace Tilley Book-Bag Contest and anyone who bothered to upload an image had something appear on their web site. I even uploaded something my nephew, Alex Charles Herlofsen, drew when he was five.

New Yorker Cartoon 8717

New Yorker Cartoon 8581

This the first New Yorker cover I drew just for the fun of it in 1984. It, like my other covers, hangs in my bathroom.

New Yorker Cover 8591

Here’s the drawing my nephew, Alex, and I drew that I uploaded for the 2011 Eustace Tilley Book-Bag Contest. It’s titled, “Wulture by Alex, Butterfly by Crazy Eccentric Aunty T-.” I’m hoping he’ll take over my cartooning business someday and now he can honestly say he had something in the New Yorker … or at any rate, something on their web site.

Alex's New Yorker Cartoon *582

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