1) I don’t want to pay with Paypal? May I send a check?

Sure.  I’ll even email you your cartoons now if you tell me which ones you want. Send your nickels and dimes to Theresa McCracken, 890 North Bayview Loop, Waldport, OR 97394.

2) I’m fabulously wealthy and can’t believe how cheap your cartoons are compared to cartoons sold on other sites. Is it OK if I send you more money than you ask for?

Hey, give me enough and I’ll start letting other worthy folks use my stuff for free.

3) I’m from a non-profit or I’m a teacher or I’m a putting together a program that I’m not being paid for. May I use your cartoons for free?

I’d love to give my work away, but since literally over 95% of requests for my cartoons are from folks who fall into this category and my own creditors don’t accept good deeds in lieu of cash, I do request a token fee of $7.50 per ‘toon.

4) If I use your cartoons it’ll give you great exposure. Now may I use them for free?

Ironically, when I give ‘toons away the exposure results in more requests for free ‘toons … oh, and please pardon the pun, but don’t people die of exposure?

5) Your cartoons are cheap, but I still can’t afford your rates. Any chance of getting a price break?

I try to gouge folks for only as much as they feel comfortable being gouged for. Tell me your circumstances, make me an offer that let’s you sleep comfortably at night while keeping in mind that I do this to make my living, and nine out of ten times I’ll accept it.

6) Why have you marred your cartoons by putting a big © McHumor watermark on them?

If you license a cartoon, I will email you a high quality jpg without the watermark. I take great pride in my work and it really pained me to make the drawings less attractive on the web, but it seems it’s the only way I can make a living. My Rates’ Page used to start with the plea, “If you wouldn’t steal a newspaper from a blind vendor just because you could get away with it, please don’t use a cartoon without permission just because you can get away with it.” I’m disappointed to report that it appears that blind vendors are being ripped off on a regular basis.

7) If I don’t want to pay you and I use an image without your permission, what’s the worst that can happen?

You could end up in court. Here’s an article that tells of one such case.
How using Google Images can cost you $8,000

 8) Are these really questions you’re frequently asked?

I get asked all but one of them on a daily basis. One I’ve never ever been asked, but I’m always hoping that Bill Gates will discover mchumor.com