Find and Error, Get A Print

Web Construction Cartoon 9067
License Web Construction Cartoon 9067

Point out an error somewhere on the 1,000s of pages that make up, and I’ll send you a signed 8 ½” X 11” print of a cartoon of your choosing.

It and $5 might get you a burger at some fast food joint.

I know there are missing links and cartoons on the site. There have to be. I’m a one person operation (my dogs and cat are useless) and God knows I’m far from perfect.

I, a techno-moron, originally designed the site in the late 1990a on an old Mac. When I finally upgraded to an iMac, it couldn’t open Apple Works, the ancient web designing program I had been using. I then started designing in Adobe Dream Weaver. This was rather like taking a perfectly good Model-T and replacing its engine with one from a Prius. Not all of the parts knew what to do with themselves and so they went sulking in dark corners of cyber space and my garage.

Then all sorts of chaos was added to the mix when I added Word Press to the mix,

And spelling and grammar errors?! I wouldn’t recognize a dangling participle if it fell on my head attached to a meteor. God forbid one of my old English teachers stumbles across the site. Help me avoid the shame.

Other stuff may be in need of fixing, too. For instance, I had a professor point out a scientific error in a ‘toon in which a doctor says to Frankenstein’s monster, “Apparently your DNA is composed of battery acids instead of amino acids.” Turns out DNA has nucleic, not amino acids. No wonder I’ve never won a Nobel in biology.

Theresa (T-) McCracken
humble & very fallible cartoonist

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