Cartoons From a Slightly Warped Mind


eBook: $2.99



An Autographed Paperback: $7.50

Cartoons From a Slightly Warped Mind is a collection of 100 of my most poplar cartoons, including Lemming Suicide Hotline, Dorothy selling the Tin Man to a recycling center, and Druids changing to Daylight Saving Time.

I fell on my head–not once, but twice–as a tot. What luck! How else to explain my slightly warped mind, a mind where absurd and funny thoughts constantly race around pounding on my skull, demanding to be let out, even at solemn occasions like funerals and the openings of independent brick-and-mortar book stores.

It’s also the perfect mind to have if you’re a cartoonist. Like all great cartoonists, I’ve drawn for the New Yorker, although they’ve yet to have the good sense to buy any of my work. However, hundreds of others around the world have.


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