Road Construction Cartoon 6533
Road Construction Cartoon 6533

Road Construction Cartoon 6533



Product Description

Road Construction Cartoon 6533: A road sign, “Speed Limit 20 MPH. Enforced by Potholes.”

Additional Information

License this toon for use in presentations, web pages, ads, etc.

Advertisement $50, Advertisement $50, Ad on a Flier $35.00 USD, Ad on a Postcard $50.00 USD, Ad in a Magazine or Newspaper $75.00 USD, Ad on a Web Page $75.00 USD, Book-Self Published $20.00 USD, Book Where Publisher Pays $50.00 USD, Book Text Book $100.00 USD, Magazine Circ < 1k $50.00 USD, Magazine Circ 1K-5K $75.00 USD, Magazine Circ 5K-10K $100.00 USD, Magazine Circ < 10K $150, Newsletter Commercial Circ < 1K $35.00 USD, Newsletter Commercial Circ 1K-2K $50.00 USD, Newsletter Commercial Circ < 2K $75.00 USD, Newsletter Inhouse Circ < 1K $15.00 USD, Newsletter Inhouse Circ 1K-2K $25, Newsletter Inhouse Circ < 2K $35, Non Profit $10.00 USD, Presentation – 1 time $15.00 USD, Presentation – Multiple times for 1yr $30.00 USD, Professor $12.50 USD, Teacher K-12 $7.50 USD, Web Site/Blog Non-Commercial $15.00 USD, Web Site/Blog Commercial $25.00 USD


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