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T. McCrackenT- McCracken is a cartoonist, writer, historian and naturalist. She lives with a few stray animals outside of Waldport, Oregon where, alas, a single woman has a better chance of being abducted by space aliens than of finding a compatible single man who speaks in something other than monosyllables AND has his own teeth. Dentures are OK. He just has to own them. They can’t be on lay away at Wal*mart.

As a cartoonist she struggles to meet the humor needs of the nation, creating cartoons and drawing illustrations for hundreds of magazines and newspapers. Of course, she’s drawn for the New Yorker . . . although they’ve yet to have the good sense to buy any of her work. Hundreds of others, though, ranging from the Saturday Evening Post to the Oregonian to small trade journals, have. She targets her work to publications’ specific audiences, be it anemic agriculturalists or zany zoologists.

Most of her writings are humorous articles, but sometimes she does something on a serious topic. Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon’s Love Cult (Caxton Press, 2002) has everything a good read should have: sex, mass insanity, the downfall of prominent families, murder, and sensational court trials. And it’s all true. Many of descendants of the people in the story are her friends and neighbors.

She first wrote about Edmund Creffield and his flock of Holy Rollers while working for the U. S. Forest Service and was compiling anecdotes about Northwest history. That research was part of the reason she was named “Pacific Northwest Region Forest Interpreter of the Year” in 1994.

These days every now and then she leads Elderhostels groups on nature hikes and sea-life cruises on the Discovery, a boat out of Newport, OR.

The second most extraordinary accomplishment in her life was hitchhiking from Cape Town, South Africa to Kisangani, Zaire, and from there taking a barge 1,500 miles down the Zaire (the Congo) River to Kinshasa.

The most extraordinary accomplishment in her life was living for years in a leaky twenty-foot trailer–much of the time with no electricity or running water–while building her house.

T. McCracken
890 North Bayview Loop
Waldport, Oregon 97394
(541) 563-3112


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